Beginning at the start of his term in 2017, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres ushered in a series of sweeping changes designed to update the way the UN delivers on its mandate, collectively known as UN Reform. A key component of UN Reform is the Resident Coordinator system, which facilitates decentralized decision-making, simplifies UN processes, and improves transparency and accountability. Resident Coordinator Valerie Julliand serves as the representative and voice of the Secretary-General in Indonesia. Under her leadership, the Resident Coordinator’s Office coordinates all UN development system entities to enhance their collective impact, efficiency, and effectiveness at the country level. UN Reform is an ongoing process, but the UN System’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic further validates its core principles and mechanisms, which helped enable the work of the UN to continue despite the disruptions of the pandemic and supported the rapid development of policies to address changing realities on the ground. This chapter provides an overview of the progress of UN Reform in Indonesia in 2021.